4 hours ongoing performance in a gas station for cashier, cleaner, security, car mechanic, highway, cardboard boxes, customers and ghosts.

Plot  In a gas station, coffee is drunk, sugar is refuelled, gone to the toilet, a car is repaired, gasoline is tapped and driven off again. Basic needs and the global circulation of goods meet here just as much as human actions and electromechanics, travel fantasies and fossil energies. Staff and customers fulfil their functions; everyday life repeats itself forever. In this post-human ecosystem, music and attention have to be reinvented. From unimagined sound symbioses, a radically organic chorale may reverberate, celebrating our common life and its fragility.

it is needed at least four rooms to play CORALS 
main room (theater) : garage and the store
second room (with the bar) : the pomps, outside
third room (storage place) : the rest area, with grass and playground, outside 
last room ( garde robe) : sanitaries 


(related project, previous versions, esquisses)

tutorial # how to resiliate your abo 2022
rot fabrik zürich 

musique pour fleurs ( saxophone and piano) 2021 live at festival france musique montpellier 

musique for station service (for 5 performers) 2020

musique pour membrane 2021, live in chaux de fonds 

overkill 2021, live in geneva 

hors piste ( solo for voice and electronics) 2020
live at rot fabrik (club theater)

Additional music 

Kay Zhang 8 Channels Piece
Cimon Finix Nein ich sage Nein
Stellan Veloce – Neo Hülcker Ear Action 
Mikey Hart und Zsela Coral Like Bone
Swiss International Air Lines Waiting music
Quentin Dupieux Szene aus Rubber 
Videos aus Brasilien, Ägypten und der Schweiz
Korallen, Marienkäfer, Bäume, Wälder


John Cage Water Walk (1959)
Dan Millman Peaceful Warrior (2006)
Yves Citton Pour une écologie de l’attention (2014)
Alexandre Labruffe Chroniques d’une station-service (2019)
Marielle Macé Nos Cabanes (2019)
Baptiste Morizot Les Diplomates (2016)
Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing The Mushroom at the End of the World (2015)